Potong Rumput STIHL RM 248

Mesin Potong Rumput STIHL RM 248

Description :

The STIHL RM 248 petrol lawn mower has been developed for the effortless mowing of medium-sized lawns. This practical entry-level model is particularly maneuverable and easy to handle. With the RM 248 you stay relaxed when mowing your lawn as it can be pushed with little effort. Furthermore, the foldable handlebar with its super-soft grip ensures pleasantly ergonomic guidance of the machine. Simple operation of the central seven-setting cutting height adjustment enables an extremely precisely cut lawn at heights from 25 to 75 mm. The large 55-litre grass catcher box ensures fast mowing with fe breaks.

Features : 


    FOR AN EFFICIENT AND ACCURATE LAWN CUT. The high lift blade ensures a uniformly short lawn cut as well as optimum filling of the grass collection box. The powerful air flow generated by the blade in the housing raises the grass upright before cutting. The optimized air conduction system then transports the clippings efficiently into the collection box.

  • Easy-running wheels
    The easy-running wheels of the STIHL lawn mowers are extremely robust and hard-wearing. 

  • Super soft grip
    Particularly ergonomic and pleasant handling is ensured by the super-soft grip of the STIHL lawn mower

  • Foldable handlebar
    Thanks to their foldable handlebars, the STIHL lawn mowers can be folded down with ease for space-saving storage or for transport to the next place of use

    FOR LONG-LASTING DURABILITY. With its torsion-resistant sheet steel construction, the housing of your lawn mower is highly robust, guaranteeing a long service life

  • Central cutting height adjustment
    The central cutting height adjustment is spring-loaded, which makes it easy to set the desired cutting height in several settings

Specifications Mesin Potong Rumput STIHL RM 248 :

  • Engine : 4-cycle EVC 200,1
  • Cylinder displacement : 139 cc
  • Power output : 2,1 kW/2,8 bhp
  • Engine weight : 26 kg
  • Sound power level : 83 dB(A)
  • Additional specifications : cutting height 25-75 mm; Cutting width 46 cm; Grass catcher box-55 l
  • Area capacity : up to 1.200 m²



Potong Rumput STIHL RM 248

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