Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T

Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T

Description Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T :

Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T is affordably priced and packed with premium features that save time and money. The compact, top-handled design, low weight, and superior power-to-weight ratio makes it a top choice for tree service personnel and arborists who are looking for performance in a tool that easy to handle, and reduces operator fatigue. Ideal for storm cleanup, and tree pruning, it offers additional features like a toolless retainer for the air filter cover, a lanyard ring, purge pump primer, and the IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetor.

Specification Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T :

Engine : 30.1 cc

Cylinder displacement : 1.3 kW (1.74 bhp)

Chain Oil Capacity : 220 cc

Fuel tank capacity : 270 cc

Engine weight without guide bar and saw chain : 3.3 kg

Saw chain type : OILOMATIC CHAIN 3/8″ PM

Standard guide bar : 35 cm (14″) STIHL ROLLOMATIC

Powerful, clean and effi cient

1 STIHL 2-MIX engine
All the power, half the emissions: the economical STIHL 2-MIX
engine combines a cylinder with efficient four-channel technology
and a stratified charge system. That means the engine burns
fuel flawlessly and delivers high torque over a wide rpm range.
The engine also features up to 70 % fewer exhaust emissions
and fuel consumption that’s up to 20 % lower compared to STIHL
two-stroke engines of the same performance class without
2-MIX technology.
Great handling
2 Secured nut
It’s now impossible to lose the sprocket cover nut when you’re
swapping cutting attachments, as it is attached to the sprocket
cover itself.
3 Side-mounted chain tensioning
The saw chain can be tightened effortlessly using the sidemounted chain tensioner while avoiding contact with the sharp
saw chain.
4 Compact design and ergonomic handle position
An easy-to-manage chain saw with a solid housing, this model
has smooth surfaces, round contours and lean dimensions, which
prevent the tool from snagging or getting caught on clothes or twigs.
In addition, the ergonomic handle position allows you to manoeuvre
the chain saw precisely and safely without unnecessary strain.
5 Fold-down carrying U-bolt
The fold-down carrying U-bolt allows the chain saw to be lowered
to the ground or attached to a safety rope. When retracted, the
U-bolt won’t interfere with your work or the storage of the tool.
Optimum handling
6 Professional anti-vibration system
Steady as she goes: the anti-vibration system reduces handle
vibration, making your work more accurate and the tool less tiring
to operate.
7 Low-vibration, low-kickback 3/8″ Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3)
saw chain

Chain Saw STIHL MS 193 T

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