Thermal Fogging Agrofog EVO 35

Thermal Fogging Agrofog EVO 35 is a universal thermal fog generator can be used for indoors or outdoors

Thermal Fogging Agrofog EVO 35 effective for multi purpose applications :

  • Disinfection, Public Health, Vector and pest control
  • Bird Control, Plant Protection, Stored products control

The performance of the combustion chamber (Theoretical value based on the energy of consumed fuel) of 25,4 HP enables output quantities up to 42 l/h (oil)

Advantages :

  • Fuel tank made from stainless steel
  • Air pump made from stainless steel
  • Fog tube made from stainless steel
  • Solution tank made from stainless steel
  • New carburetor layout made from aluminum for easy maintenance

Thermal Fogging Agrofog EVO 35

Technical Specification :
Weight in kg  (empty) 7.8
Dimension (L x W x H) 133.5 X 28.5 X 34
Solution tank capacity in l 5.7
Fuel tank capacity in l (stainless steel) 1.2
Fuel consumption in l/h 2
Performance combustion chamber in kw/ hp1 18.7 / 25.4
Average flow rate, in l/h (oil) 20
Maximum flow rate, in l/h (oil) 42
Average flow rate, with water in l/h 10
Efficient horizontal reach Outdoor
Water based with X-10 fogging solution) >100
Oil based solutions) >100
Powe supply flashlight batteries 4 x 1.5 V LR20
Pressure in solution tank, approx. in bar 0.3

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