Tea Pruner STIHL HS 52

Tea Pruner STIHL HS 52 Lightweight hedge trimmer specifically for harvesting tea. Side-mounted handle for good cut control and ideal application of force. Single-sided cutting blade with sharpened upper and lower blade as well as a sharpened tip. Aluminum catcher plate for controlled removal of cuttings. With an eyelet for the carry strap.

Feature of Tea Pruner STIHL HS 52 : 

    The manual fuel pump reduces the number of strokes required to start the power tool, making the start-up process quicker and easier This is particularly helpful after longer breaks in operation. To use it, actuate the pump several times before starting. This will ensure that there is enough petrol in the carburetor when starting

  • Single-sided handle arrangement
    For good ergonomics and optimal balance. Good control of the cut and ideal force transmission to the blade. Blade length 600 mm

  • Single-sided cutting blade
    For high cutting quality and excellent cutting performance. Upper and lower blade sharpened. Tip sharpened.

  • Aluminum catcher blade
    The aluminum catcher blade is mounted as standard. Controlled removal of plant cuttings

  • Hook for carrying strap
    For long working periods a carrying strap can be used

Specifications :

Engine : 2-cycle

Cylinder displacement : 27.2 cc

Power output : 0.75 kW

Fuel tank capacity : 220 ml

Maximum engine speed : 8,500 rpm

Engine Wight : kg complete without fuel

Maximum speed : 8,500 rpm

Bar length : mm/24″

Additional specifications : Total length 106 cm

Tea Pruner STIHL HS 52

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