Battery Garden Shears STIHL HSA25

Battery Garden Shears STIHL HSA25

Description Battery Garden Shears STIHL HSA25 :

Battery Garden Shears STIHL HSA25 When it comes to touching up your trimming job or performing precise cutting of ornamental shrubs, turn to the HSA 25 battery-powered garden shears. The HSA 25 is lightweight with a rubberized handle for user comfort and secure grip. It features to attachments-grass shear and shrub shear-to meet specific trimming needs. With run times of up to 110 minutes on a single charge, the HSA 15 allows users to complete tasks with clean, efficient cuts, and faster than with Manual garden shears. This product is the first STIHL tool designed for detail-oriented trimming tasks and is ideal for urban or suburban home owners living in noise-sensitive areas. The HSA 25 comes in a kit including a carrying bag, 

for convenient transportation and storage.

Get every corner of your garden to look its very best with the new STIHL HSA 25 cordless shrub shears. Combining ease of use with the ultimate in precision, this light-weight, handy tool really comes into its own when working on details. The STIHL HSA 25 is particularly suitable for maintaining and contouring small-leaved ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreen hedges, as well as for trimming lawn edges. And thanks to its powerful battery, you get to enjoy complete mobility and a long running time.

Specifications :

Engine : Battery

Engine weight without cutting attachment : 0.8 kg

Bar length : Hedge Shear Blade Length 20.0 cm (7.9″) Grass Shear blade Length 12.0 cm (4.7″)

Cutting Length : Shrub Shear :170 mm (6.7 in); Grass Shear: 110 mm (4.3 in)


Battery Garden Shears STIHL HSA25

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