ULV Sani Tizer Dynafog

ULV Sani Tizer Dynafog

  • Rugged design handles corrosive liquids and heavy impacts.
  • Solid brass metering valve for delivering precise outputs and maximing use of chemicals
  • Low profile tank design virtually eliminates tipping… empty or full

Specifications ULV Sani Tizer Dynafog  :

Adjustable flow rates : 0-4.5 gal/hr, or 0-17 liters/hr

Particle size : 5-50 microns (VMD)

Tank capacity : 1 galon (3.8 liter)

Store formulation in its original labeled container.
Use an extension cord which is properly rated for voltage, current and length and
which is free from nicks, cracks and other signs of prior abuse. For lengths up to
100 feet (30.5 meters) cord No. 12AWG wire are usually adequate.
Replace damaged or worn electric cord immediately.
Turn the flow valve CLOCKWISE to the OFF position after each spray application
a siphon effect if the unit is ever accidentally knocked over with the valve remaining
Always comply with any requirements for protective clothing, goggles, gloves, facial
masks or respirator required by the formulation label.

Alat ini untuk mendesinfeksi kandang, gudang, tempat pemerahan, peralatan, mesin
tetas, dan tempat‐tempat lain di peternakan. Juga dapat digunakan untuk
mendesinfeksi telur tetas, atau dicampurkan dalam air.

Perusahaan kami juga menyediakan berbagai alat fogging atau alat disinfektan yang sudah terjamin kualitas dan merk ygang sudah dikenal orang pada umum nya.

ULV Sani Tizer Dynafog


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