Fogging Pulsfog K30 O

Fogging Pulsfog K30 O


 According to WHO specifications adult mosquitoes are effectively controlled with droplet sizes <16 µm. Mosquito larvaes living in wet habitat require larger and heavier droplets with a higher fall speed.

Cold and thermal foggers are designed to produce the required droplet spectrum. The pulsFOG machine produces an immense aerosol cloud which remains suspended in the air near ground level, drifting through the target area often inaccessible for men.


For oil-based product application Fogging Pulsfog K30 O

Empty weight : 13,5 kg

Dimension : 149 x 36 x 35 cm

Capacity of solution tank : 9 litre

Capacity of fuel tank : 2 litre

Cubic capaity of engine : 2000 cm3

Performance of engine : 75 kW (101, 6 hp, 64.400 kcal/h)

Fuel consumption : 7,6 l/h

Automatic ignition electronic ignition coil fed by 4 dry batteries = 6 V

Starting device manual quick start

Flow rate 30-120 l/h (according to nozzle sized used)

Standard flow rate : 60 l/h

Droplet size spectrum (depending on oil viscosity and nozzle size used)
<25 µm (oil) <60 µm (oil/water) < 100 µm (water)


Product Desription Fogging Pulsfog K-30-O :

Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra-fine droplets in a range of 1-50
µm using thermo-pneumatic energy. 

Fogging Pulsfog K-30-O

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