Engine Blower Tasco EB 260

Engine Blower Tasco EB 260

Anti-Vibration System – tasco has a system for minimizing the vibration levels of handheld outdoor power equipment. The tasco anti-vibration system helps reduce operator fatigue and provides a more comfortable working experience.
Throttle Trigger Lock with Built-In Momentary Stop Switch – The built-in stop switch allows the user to turn off the engine with a simple press of the button or lever. When the engine is off, the throttle lock automatically returns to the “start” setting. Your power tool will be ready to be started when you’re ready to get back to work.
Purge Pump Primer – The purge pump primer feature enables the user to prime the carburetor with fuel, enabling easier starting. 
Soft Grip Handle – This handle design provides a secure and comfortable grip.
HD2 Air Filter – The new HD2 air filter on this unit is washable, providing extremely long filter life and lowering maintenance costs. The large surface area allows for longer run times between cleanings and high performance even while operating in dusty and dry conditions. Overall, the HD2 air filter provides better protection of the engine compared to standard air filters.


Specification Engine Blower Tasco EB 260

Average Air Volume : 0.13M3/s

Power : 0.75/7500 kw/r/min

Discharging Capacity : 25.4 ml

Net Weight : 4.5 kg


Engine Blower Tasco EB 260

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