Trimmers Brushcutter STIHL FS85

Trimmers Brushcutter STIHL FS85

Trimmers Brushcutter STIHL FS85 are available in a wide range of handle variations, including various length shaft, loop handle and bike handle configurations. Whether you’re homeowner touching up your lawn or a landscaping professional tackling tough brush removal, there’s a STIHL trimmer of brushcutter to meet your unique needs. That’s a lot of landscaping possibilities. It’s no wonder we covered all the bases with features like powerful, fuel-efficient engines, interchangeable cutting heads, solid, durable construction and anti-vibration technology for enhanced comfort.

Powerful brushcutter for mowing around the house and garden. STIHL 1-point anti-vubration system, STIHL ElastoStart, multi-function handle and mowing guide.

Specification Product Trimmers Brushcutter STIHL FS85 :

  • Engine : 2 stroke
  • Cylinder displacement : 25.4 cm3
  • Power output : 0.95 kW/1.3 hp
  • Ignition system : Electronic
  • Fuel Tank capacity : 0.44 L
  • Engine weight without deflector and cutting attachment: 5.3 kg
  • Maximum engine speed : 10500 rpm
  • STIHL ElastoStart

    STIHL ElastoStart is a special starter handle which ensures a smooth starting process without any sudden peak forces.


    EFFORTLESS MOWING OF LARGE AREAS. The ergonomic bike handle helps you mow large areas quickly and effortlessly, as this handle supports a natural brushcutter movement. The bike handle is easy to adjust and secure.

    ADVANCE Universal Harness

    Soft padding makes work more comfortable during longer jobs.

    Shoulder strap / carrying system

    Using a STIHL shoulder strap or carrying harness with soft padding makes work more comfortable, particularly during lengthy jobs.


    It is important to protect your eyes from flying particles and harmful UV radiation.

    Multi-function control handle

    Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.

    Anti-vibration system

    Intense vibration at the handles of power tools can lead to long-term effects on blood vessels in the hands and arms. 

    Tool free handle adjustment

    The central wing nut enables easy adjustment without the use of tools. For transportation and space-saving storage, the handle can be rotated by 90°.


    This controller in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture getting richer as the air filter becomes clogged. This keeps the fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and hence also the engine power. The filter doesn’t need to be cleaned until an appreciable drop in power occurs.

    Manual fuel pump (Purger)

    A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting strokes required following extended breaks in operations.


Trimmers Brushcutter STIHL FS85

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