Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81R

Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81R

Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81R for professional are in entirely different league of performance and dependability. When you spend every day trimming hedges of all shapes and sizes, having the right trimmer is not a luxury – it’s a requirement. .Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81 R our professional line oh handheld and extended-reach hedge trimmers are made to start fast and cut faster. They feature anti-vibration technology, ergonomic handles and hardened, precision-ground blades that love those leafy greens.

Specification Product Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81R

  • Engine : 2 Tak
  • Cylinder displacement : 22.7 cc
  • Power output : 0.7 kW
  • Ignition system : Electronic
  • Fuel Tank capacity : 1,2 L
  • Fuel : Bensin campur oli 2 T
  • Fuel Mix Ratio : 1 L Oli : 50 L Bensin
  • Engine Weight : dengan pisau 24″ : 5,5 kg ; dengan pisau 30″ : 5,7 kg
  • Bar length : 24 Inch atau 30 Inch
  • Cutting Length : 60,75 cm
  • Stroke rate : 3057

Watch the cutting blades at all times – do
not cut areas of the hedge that you
cannot see.
Be extremely careful when cutting tall
hedges, check the other side of the
hedge before starting work.
Make sure the idle speed setting is
correct. The cutting blades must not run
when the engine is idling with the throttle
trigger released.
If the cutting blades still run, have your
dealer check your machine and make
proper adjustments or repairs. Check
and correct the idle speed setting
Note that the cutting blades continue to
run for a short period after you let go of
the throttle trigger – flywheel effect.
The gearbox becomes hot during
operation. To reduce the risk of burn
injury, do not touch the gearbox housing.
Take special care in slippery conditions
(ice, wet ground, snow), on slopes or
uneven ground.
Clear away fallen branches, scrub and

Hedge Trimmers STIHL HS81R

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