Cyclone Ultra 2736 Dynafog

Cyclone Ultra 2736 Dynafog

Cyclone Ultra 2736 Dynafog is an electric “Cold Fog” ULV that utilizes a rugged
anodized aluminum nozzle and a high performance blower.precautions) and Water Based chemical treatments.

mist applications such a disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides, insecticides, etc., in
locations such hospitals, schools, nursing homes, greenhouses, stables,
warehouses, homes, and farm buildings. The particle sizes generated range from 7
to 30 microns VMD, obtained using water. Machine output and particle size are

No more guesswork. Now you can apply pesticides deodorants, fungicides, duct sealant, disinfectants, mitiides, etc. much safer, more efficiently and more economically.

Specifications :
Blower : Continuous duty, 20.000 RPM. with replaceable brushes
Flow Rate : 0-2.4 oz (70 ml./min.) via metering valve
Droplet Size : 5-20 Microns (VMD)
Tank Capacity : 1 gallon (3.8 liters)


Store formulation in its original labeled container.
which is free from nicks, cracks and other signs of prior abuse. For lengths up to
100 feet (30.5 meters) cord No. 12AWG wire are usually adequate.
Replace damaged or worn electric cord immediately.
Turn the flow valve CLOCKWISE to the OFF position after each spray application

This machine is one of the world’s finest hand held ULV/Mist generator built to
precision standards. With reasonable care and maintenance, this efficient
equipment will provide many hours of service. For best result, this ULV generator
must be operated and maintained in compliance with these instructions.

Cyclone Ultra 2736 Dynafog

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