Foggers Toofan Power Mist Blower

TOOFAN is a New Generation Power Mist Blower for Faster and More Efficient Mist Blowing for Coverage of Field Crops Like Cotton, Paddy, Maize etc. and Fruits and Vegetables etc.

TOOFAN is Powerful Mist Blower fitted with 14 Litre Formulation Tank, which has facility of Spraying Liquid as well as Dust Formulations.

Toofan High Power Mist Blower Specifications

Standard Power 2.13 kw / 7500 rpm
Displacement 41.5 cc
Fan Speed 7500 rpm
Starting System Recoil Starter
Ignition CDI
Formulation Tank Capacity 14 lt.
Fuel Mixture of Petrol and 2T Lubrication Oil at 25:1 ratio
Fuel Tank Capacity 1 lt.
Discharge Rate Liquid : > 3 lt / hr
Powder : > 3.7 lt/hr
Dry Weight 10.5 kg

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